June, 2016

At Work With Our Club Leadership Group

James El Mousali (Elmo)
James El Mousali (Elmo)

Well done to our leaders from our under 15s, 16 girls, 17s for embarking and taking leadership on the Salt program.

Out of the program in part comes the wording and design from our leaders of these signs soon to adorn our club.

Every picture tells a thousand words, well these pictures tell of our kids and our leaders' learnings.

Respect, support, integrity, and simply to listen, are the leaders' values for the club to follow in 2016 and 2017.

These points come from our kids' sessions and voting upon. Well done kids on listening and learning from the program and passing those values on.

There are kids and families in amongst us "doing it tough" - our leaders/our kids/our older players have "nailed" these people's needs - respect, support, integrity and listening.

Thanks Leaders, and fellow kids, families, etc. Well done.


Rob Windsor
Player welfare officer.
Yarrambat Junior FC.


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